AMP 3.x: Enabling TOSCA Support

To enable Tosca support in AMP 3.x, add the following line to your ~/.brooklyn/ and restart AMP:


(or alternatively pass the system property -Dbrooklyn.experimental.feature.tosca=true when starting AMP).

By default, this will use the configuration file at conf/alien4cloud-config.yml. You can supply a custom A4C configuration file by passing a system property such as:


The initialisation takes a short time (one or two minutes), after which TOSCA blueprints may be deployed on AMP. Watch the info log file for a message like:

2016-08-31 14:33:05,805 INFO  302 i.c.t.a.p.Alien4CloudSpringContext [tp1772021048-235] Finished loading Alien4Cloud platform (1m 41s 821ms)