AMP 4.x - 5.3.x: Enabling TOSCA Support

Note: For AMP 4.x up until AMP 5.4, Tosca support was included in AMP by default. From AMP 5.4 onwards, it is in the ‘extras’ - there is an explicit step to add it to the AMP distro, before enabling it.

Note: these instructions apply to AMP 4.x; for AMP 3.x, see the separate section “Enabling TOSCA Support in AMP 3.x”.

For AMP 4.x up until AMP 5.4, Tosca is included in AMP, however it is not enabled. To enable Tosca support, a configuration update is required in the Karaf file. Please uncomment the following line and restart AMP:


The Tosca code bundle initializes only when necessary, so you have to do something on AMP to initialize it - simply visiting the home page on a browser is enough.

The initialisation of this bundle can take a short time (one or two minutes), after which TOSCA blueprints may be deployed on AMP. Watch the info log file for a message like:

2016-08-31 14:33:05,805 INFO  302 i.c.t.a.p.Alien4CloudSpringContext [tp1772021048-235] Finished loading Alien4Cloud platform (1m 41s 821ms)